Grateful Day Professional Cuddling

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​​Check out my professional cuddling interviews on KVUE & Spectrum News as well as my radio interview on Texas Standard to get an idea of what a professional cuddling session entails.



Just as babies and children need touch and affection to survive and thrive, so do adults. Caught up in the stress and minutiae of our lives, we sometimes forget that yet the need never diminishes or goes away. I believe the need to feel safe and nurtured through platonic, compassionate cuddling and touch is just as vital to our health. 

My talents for listening, compassion and quality of touch as a massage therapist naturally lend themselves to the art form that is platonic, compassionate cuddling and touch. As with a massage therapy session, I ask that you be receptive and let me take care of you as I engage all of your senses to reconnect mind, body and heart. New clients will receive a 15 minute phone consultation and at the beginning of their session, will be required to sign a contract of conduct and show their driver license.




30 Minute Sessions


1-5 Hour Sessions

​$80 per hour


Q. What services do you provide?

​A. I offer fully clothed, completely platonic cuddle sessions of 30 minutes to 5 hours. The purpose of a session is to provide you with the attention, acceptance and love that you deserve and perhaps aren't getting (enough of) in your life. You matter and are loved and accepted just as you are without needing to feel the guilt, shame and judgement our culture can sometimes impose on us when we try to reach out emotionally and physically. The benefits of this amazing service are immediate and life-changing! ​​

Q. What will happen during a platonic cuddle session?

​A. During a platonic cuddle session, we can hug, sit, lie, dance, sing, read, play games or just be. This is your time to receive the attention, acceptance and love that you deserve. We may close our eyes and breathe deeply, hold hands and tell stories, lie big spoon/little spoon style or try some of the more than 20 positions I offer. I will ask you questions and guide you in order to customize the session to help you be comfortable, relaxed and feeling the sort of love a mother gives her child. The need to occasionally rearrange to find a comfortable space is normal and I encourage your feedback if you like or dislike something. Also your experience may be cathartic and I encourage you to express your feelings and emotions. Don't worry, I have plenty of kleenex!

This is in no way sexual and my intention is to let you know that you are not alone and the world is a wonderful place. We all need to feel the warmth and closeness of another to feel whole and fully alive, and I am here to help you achieve that. There are no overnight stays.

Q. Can I talk during my session?

​A. It's 100% up to you. If you're inclined to share with me, I am happy to listen, and if you want the deeper relaxation and serenity only silence and deep breathing will bring, then that's what will be. Whatever makes you feel the most comfortable, accepted, loved, and peaceful.

Q. What about "natural reactions"?

​A. Due to the family oriented interactions we strive for, this is rare. Occasionally this may happen and if it does, we will just change positions so that it does not become a focus of the session - I am great at being the "big spoon". People may also cry, noses may run, stomachs rumble and joints pop. It's part and parcel of being human.

​Q. What do I need to do and what happens at my first session?

A. Show up at the appointed time wearing (or bring with you) comfortable, clean (no cat fur or cigarette smoke please) clothing that allows your body to move freely, take a deep breath and be ready to relax. Please be aware that I will be in close physical contact with you and remember to shower, brush your teeth/cleanse your mouth prior to your session, be free of scents and have a state identification with you. Upon arrival, you will be welcomed into a peaceful environment designed to make you feel safe, respected, nourished and honored.

We will then review policies and I will have you fill out some paperwork. Next we will sit down and chat for a few minutes in order to get to know each other. You'll have a chance to ask any questions you might have at this time. Payment is then collected and the session commences. 

Q. Why should I pay for something that I can get for free? 

​A. If you have loved ones willing and able to give you compassionate touch and/or hold you whenever you want or need it, kudos and cuddle on! All my years of experience as a licensed massage therapist have taught me that most people find it easier to be vulnerable with a stranger than a friend or loved one. People may feel ashamed, fear rejection and potential loss of love/respect or just don't know how to effectively communicate their desires. Strange, sometimes intense emotions make many people uncomfortable and unable to be fully present for a friend who is suffering.

Q. What if I find the idea of paying for platonic intimacy a little creepy?

​A. That's completely understandable in a society that deems having needs and being vulnerable as weakness. If you are one of the lucky ones getting your intimacy and touch needs met daily, then perhaps curiosity about what it's like to cuddle with a stranger will inspire you to contact me. However, if you are like so many in this country who are not, please know that I am here to provide comfort in the form of compassionate cuddling and touch. A true utopia, indeed, would exist if we all had access to the love, connection, community and support we desire and need. Unfortunately, fear, grief, loneliness, loss and trauma can be overwhelming and so many of us are left to deal with these states in isolation. It really is ok and even healthy to be vulnerable and ask for what we want and need.

Q. Is this a massage?

​A. Whereas a therapeutic massage can be relaxing, the process is focused more on the release of muscular tension and adhesions. During a platonic cuddle session, the touch given is gentle and soft, much like a mother touching her infant. 

Q. Will my boundaries be respected?

A. Yes. Encouraging people to clearly state their boundaries is a healthy and important aspect of this experience. At no time will "no" be disregarded. It is my obligation to create and maintain a safe space where you feel cared for. I will ask your consent before touching you and we will be fully clothed during the entire session. I ask that you respect my boundaries as well. This is a nurturing, non-sexual experience and any attempt to take this to a sexual level will result in immediate termination of your session without refund. No exceptions.

​Q. Will you work with anyone?

A. Yes, as long as they follow the rules and policies set forth. This can be a cathartic experience and  there are many who seek out my services who are well adjusted people going through a rough patch in their lives. There are also others experiencing pain and loneliness, grief, exhaustion or stress who come for sessions and I want to make sure all my clients feel replenished, relaxed and deeply satisfied when they walk out the door.

Q. Do I have to tip?

​A. Tips are greatly appreciated and in no way mandatory. It is a personal choice and I am delighted to serve you either way.

"I have had several professional cuddling sessions with Kristi and the results were much more than I expected. It's amazing how soothing and relaxing it is to cuddle with her. I recommend Kristi very much." ~Jacob, Client​​